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The new product line NEVO-SKY was created as a result of activities undertaken as a part of realization of a visionary project, the purpose of which was to create devices support comprehensively all kinds of available vehicles. The new product line includes ECUs for cars with direct injection (DIRECT) as well as controllers of cars with indirect injection (MAX). It is innovate, comprehensive platform, which is dedicated for all engine types (engine code and car brand do not matter).

NEVO automotive CPU

Operation of gas ECU is based on the fast, dual-core processor dedicated to automotive industry (Automotive). As a result, gas ECUs are accurate and easy to use, offering also many diagnostic tools dedicated for the calibration process of modern engines. Using the latest generation components, gas ECUs can easily support contemporary solutions and algorithms of petrol ECUs.

NEVO-SKY system uses one, analogue pressure sensor CCT6 (gray). The pressure sensor has got a new 5-pin connector, and construction ensures precise measurement of gas pressure and gas temperature. NEVO-SKY supports three control panels (switches), including the new, multicolor DG7 RGB.

NEVO-SKY software

New product line NEVO-SKY has new, improved software, which is based on the current NEVO software, thus facilitates service for professionals who have experience with the KME products. A major advantage of the software is possibility of use it for gas ECU, which support both types of cars – with direct and indirect injection engines.

NEVO-SKY controllers are equipped with modern, tight body cover and hermetical 48-pin connector designed for the automotive industry. The housing is designed in the image of a modern 8 cyl. power-engine unit. Newly designed harness has got a new plug, which allows to arrange wires at 90 degrees to the axis of the slot. That facilitates assembling and installation in the engine compartment.

NEVO-SKY cechy

KME’s original solutions – such as OSA, MOSA and supporting high power cars – which are applyed in the NEVO family, have been preserved and developed in the new line NEVO- SKY. In addition, emulators - fuel level emulator and fuel pressure emulator - and OBD Auto-Clear tool were built in contollers without need to connect any additional devices.

Due to these solutions car equipped with system with controller DIRECT or MAX becomes more ecological and economical. At the same time gas system do not influences car’s original traction properties (power and acceleration).

Built-in OBD module cooperates with the following OBD protocols:

  •    ISO9141
  •    KWP2000slow
  •    KWP2000fast
  •    CAN_11bitID_500kbps
  •    CAN_29bitID_500kbps
  •    CAN_11bitID_250kbps
  •    CAN_29bitID_250kbps



sterownik MAX sterownik DIRECT

Number of cylinder

4 (8*)

4 (8*)

Configureable 3D correction maps for banks

OBD parameters monitor

Automatic OBD errors reset

OBD System Adaptation – OSA

Support reverse OBD correction

Map On-Board System Adaptation – MOSA

Automatic set model

Number of analog inputs, ie. Lambda Probe

5 (10*)

5 (10*)

Output 12VOUT (controling of external devices)



RPM readings from camshaft sensor

Ability to work without connecting RPM wire

Software filter of RPM signal

Decreasing of gas injection time for cold engine (cold VAG)

Adding petrol on gas / petrol injectors protection

Support for engines with petrol micro injections

Fuel overlap (petrol-gas) during switching to gas


Configureable correction of gas and reducer temperature, vacuum and RPM

Configureable correction of gas pressure

Dose correction for gas injectors / bank configuration

Master/Slave function

Gas injectors test


Reducer pressure letting off on cut-off


Gas injectors heating

Advanced self-diagnostic with frozen frames

Built-in fuel level emulator

Built-in fuel pressure emulator

Emulator ciśnienia paliwa wbudowany w sterownik gazu


* in preparation

NEVO modułowość

NEVO-SKY systems succesfully function in cars, which fulfill emission standards EURO 4/5/6.

One of the most important assembly features, which characterizes KME devices is modularity. Both systems (MAX and DIRECT) have one type of equipment including harness, pressure sensor, control panel (switch). Controller is selected according to the type of fuel supply used in the vehicle.



sterownik MAX sterownik DIRECT

Operation with Android app



Support OBD through Android app



Support standard engines / turbo / valvetronic

Support direct injection engines

Support indirect injection engines

Control panel (switch) in standard



Working mode – CNG fuel

Start&Stop function


Workshop options (e.g. maintenance service, protection with password against external intervention)

Preview of operating parameters with recorder

In case of the lack of gas automatic return to petrol and automatic switch to gas supply

Possibility of emergency start on gas

Set the permissible number of emergency starts

Blockade of working on gas after maintenance service time

Sound signal indicating the impending maintenance service

Operating time counter on the gas and petrol

Support vehicles after chip tuning (high power engines)

Extensive system of self-diagnosis

* in preparation



In comparison to similar devices, DIRECT distinguishes the construction (i.e. it has one connector, which facilitates assembly of gas installation) and intuitive software, which is based on the current program NEVO. As a result, every specialist who has experience with KME products will be able to configure and calibrate the system without any obstacles.

DIRECT ECU from new line products NEVO-SKY is dedicated for installation in a modern and more and more popular cars with direct petrol injection. DIRECT is produced based on modern technology of automotive gas installations production and with high quality components which are available on the market.

Electronics NEVO-SKY DIRECT is available as a LPG sets:


standard set - it contains NEVO-SKY DIRECT ECU, parts and accessories for LPG installation.


extended set - it contains KIT (standard set ) and LPG/water hoses.

logo MAX

advanced controller for engines with indirect petrol injection

MAX ECU is a continuation of a currently available NEVO ECU family, equipped with a new, sealed housing and new configuration options. MAX is a part of an innovative platform – NEVO-SKY product line, which allows to use one software and the same set of equipment (harnesses, pressure sensor, control panel) in various controllers.

Dual-core processor enables fast communication and implementation of many functions at the same time. The device is dedicated for modern and more and more popular cars with direct petrol injection. New features which are built into CPU make it suitable for using in high power motors.

Electronics NEVO-SKY MAX is available as a LPG sets:


standard set - it contains NEVO PLUS ECU, parts and accessories for LPG installation.


extended set - it contains KIT (standard set ) and LPG/water hoses.



“brain" of the gas system, controls all processes, works with a petrol ecu and on that basis it controls the gas installation


changes state of LPC/CNG gas from a liquid phase to a gas phase and reduces the pressure


enables the supply and cut off the gas supply to the reducer


cleans gas from dirt; KME filters have got one glass fiber layer and double polyester layer, which provides the highest degree of filtration


precisely doses the amount of gas supplied to the engine


reads current parameters of gas in the vapor phase, like the temperature and pressure to select proper gas dosage


(petrol/gas) – is used to let the user communicate with the installation, automatically or manually switches to gas supply; informs by light and sound signals about level of gas in the tank; automatically dims after dark

LPG tank

stores gas in liquid phase


controls the inflow and outflow from the tank, has got built-in safety valve for the sake of maximum protection for travelers

refueling valve

allows to refuel the tank. It can be placed under the flap for refueling or in the rear bumper

katalog NEVO-SKY 2017


NEVO-SKY electronics

Periodically we publish the catalogue of our products. This multi-lingual discripsion is the perfect introduction to the knowledge and popularisation of a wide range of our products in Poland and abroad. Catalogue includes electronic control units and reducers.


If you wish to receive a printed catalogue, please contact us:

    + 48 42 611 00 26    |

NEVO AUTOGAS SYSTEM - method of working

reliable LPG technology in your car

schemat DIRECT

   Gas system is powered by an alternative fuel LPG/CNG. Gas from the tank where it changes its state from liquid to the vapor.

   Next, in vapor phase, it goes into the filter where it is cleaned from particulates. The filter unit is an important element of the gas installation, because is responsible for the cleanliness and hence proper operation of the entire system.

   The gas is supplied to the injectors, which should be placed as close as possible to the intake manifold.

   Between the filter and injectors there is a pressure and temperature sensor that continuously analyzes the gas parameters.

   The entire installation of LPG/CNG operates under control of the NEVO ecu which is downloading information from the petrol ecu to adjust the appropriate gas dosage. Due to that every cylinder is supplied with the correct amount of LPG and it eliminates noticeable differences between driving on gas and petrol.

   The system communicates with the driver through the switch - control panel on dashboard in the passenger compartment.



If you have questions regarding the installation and calibration of our equipment, call or write to us - our TECHNICALS are at your disposal.


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